Kat Update: I’m a Trolley Dolly

Escrito por Ana Urbina. Posteado en Its all in the Little things

I am ok, Salisbury is a very tiny city, you ca go everywhere walking! The people at the station are nie and some even funny. There is one guy that reminds me of a friend and he is kinda cute (am I developing a new crush????), but he will never know!

I solved 1/3 of my main isssues today: getting a bank acount! I have a plae for my employers to pay me, wonderful! Also, wifi at the hostel. Tomorrow I’m going appartment hunting and also gonna try to get a sim card for my phone (i don’t know how i a going to call the landlords if i don’t??)

Oh! Also, uniform is a retty lilac and I got safety shoes with solid iron toe protectors… I kinda want to test them kicking someone’s balls but the people here are too nice for me to do that 😛

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