Kat Upadate: 24-10-14

First day of work! Turns out the easy part is selling, the hard part is moving the trolley, it weights a ton!

More important news, I got a place to live! The landlady is the sweetest person on the world, I’m already in love with her. Unfortunately, my Spanish companion didn’t have any luck and he asked me to help him, so no free weekend for me. I will ask him to pay in pints, though, you bet your ass I will.

And… I still have a terrible orientation sense. I got lost twice today, going to check out all the possible rental properties. Good thing the people here are always nice and helpful! 🙂

Ps: apparently I’m destined to meet all the people named Mark while at the hostel, they are quite fun to be with actually ^u^

Kat Update: I’m a Trolley Dolly

I am ok, Salisbury is a very tiny city, you ca go everywhere walking! The people at the station are nie and some even funny. There is one guy that reminds me of a friend and he is kinda cute (am I developing a new crush????), but he will never know!

I solved 1/3 of my main isssues today: getting a bank acount! I have a plae for my employers to pay me, wonderful! Also, wifi at the hostel. Tomorrow I’m going appartment hunting and also gonna try to get a sim card for my phone (i don’t know how i a going to call the landlords if i don’t??)

Oh! Also, uniform is a retty lilac and I got safety shoes with solid iron toe protectors… I kinda want to test them kicking someone’s balls but the people here are too nice for me to do that 😛

Update on the England Trip

I’m fine and safe, finally in Salisbury! Today was an eventful day, oh my. The man in charge of my training was sick, i got on the wrong bus, i got lost at the station, i lost my companion and i found him when i was going around town with a nice man from the hostel where I’m staying. Then we went to get some beers and back at the hostel i got locked in my room.

This is so much, i need to sleep to assimilate it all omg.

Mis aventuras por Inglaterra

Para los que os apetezca saber que ando haciendo por Inglaterra, aquí os dejo el blog que he hecho especialmente para eso.De momento tiene poquito contenido, pero a medida que vaya pasando el tiempo pondré cosas mas interesantes. Ahora mismo mi nivel de agotamiento por culpa del trabajo es todavía muuuuy muy grande.