Todos los días pienso que no voy a llegar a mi meta de ventas porque ando super despacio por el tren, y casi nunca puedo hacer todos los recorridos que debería.

Todos los días, para mi sorpresa, supero por un 50% – 100% mis metas de ventas.

Moraleja: se vende más yendo despacio y sonriendo que deprisa. Pero eso no quita que tenga que tener mas cuidado con las cuentas, porque siempre me sale un poquito a deber (y no debería).

Moraleja 2: esto está tirado! 😀

Menudos carteles

Found this today.
Most creative advertising I’ve ever seen.
Salisbury is the best.

reparaciones 01 reparaciones 02

Let the normal days come my way

It’s finally starting to feel normal.

Getting up early in the morning, packing up and going to work. Changing clothes, moving the trolley, doing the trains…
Things like this very rarely make me nervous anymore, and I think that is good sign.

I’m starting to have a life outside of work, I’m getting used to the weather, the people, the traffic… Everything is familiar now.
There are still lots of surprises in every corner, but my heart isn’t jumping out of my throat.

I can rest.

New Trolley

New trolley today, looks better, don’t you think?
Well it is a piece of shit. Broken back door, reversed wheel and wonky stabilizers. It also doesn’t have space for anything and getting the money in and out of it is more complicated than the old ones.

Only advantage? It’s lighter, so I can take it up and down the ramps on my own.
Disadvantages? Everything else.

* * *

On another note, I think I made up for losing a train this morning. Sales are good and not too hectic.
Good day today, if we forget about that bump earlier 🙂